Out cut, 2014 01min56 

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After sorting and classifying more than 5000 photograms, I edited them, frame by frame, without any editing table. I tried  to reach a certain fluency  by a blind editing. The idea was to make a film with all the unwanted frames.



Blinking 2013, 1min

This video is experimenting the fact we lose up to 6 seconds of
information every minute. This means movie watchers who sit through a
150-minute film have their eyes shut for up to 15 minutes. This video
accentuates how many time one viewer blinked while watching a blue
screen by cuting off the time when his eyes were shut.


Pellicule 2009, video 1min 34.

"Time has long passed since you could think there was a choice to be made between digital and analog, between pixel and silver-based. Of course you can still shoot in black and white film, but the mind of almost everyone, film is now color, and it is digital. The image is now a bitmap made of pixels, and the grains of the silver image of the past an be added on with a simple aftereffect algorithm. (...)" Babette Mangolte extract of "Afterward: A matter of time"

The film "Pellicule" is the digitalisation of a blank 16mm film carried from Budapest to France.  It shows the analog film's particularity of scratches and lines "translated" here into digital, representing  a contemporary image of the History of cinema, rhythmed by the heartbeat of an obsolete machine.


La pierre du Soleil, 2012, Video HD, en boucle
Stone Floating, 2012, Video HD, loop.
The Iceland spath has the ability to split what we see through it like duplicating the real, by an ordinary ray and an extraordinary ray. 
Explorers called it the 'sun's stone', using it as a navigational tool. Beyond the crystal's spiritual and scientific optic characteristics, the Iceland spath has inspired a lots of writers by it's poetic potential. 
This projection shows an Iceland spath floating in the space. The slow motion of the projected image produces a mesmerizing sensation inspired by the autokinetic effect, a phenomenon of human visual perception in which a stationary, small point of light in an otherwise dark or featureless environment appears to move. The publication by Raymond Bellour Body cinema: hypnosis, emotions, animalités, offers the opportunity study the links between cinema and hypnosis. Discussing the relevance of a rapprochement between the posture of the cinema spectator and that of the hypnotized subject. 


Unknown Portrait, 2009, 11min
Portrait inconnu, 2009, 11mn

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This work shows cinema's mechanism of diffusion with a super 8 film animated by hand, being recorded by a digital camera.
Movement is stopped on each frame one by one, reanimating the film but still decomposing the fluentness of filmic movement. This work shows a delicate rescue of an obsolete technique.